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Invitation to watch This is [Not] Who We Are!

In the world of social-change documentary filmmaking, making the movie is only half of the process. Often the bigger challenge is getting the film out to the audience where it can do its intended work. “This is [Not] Who We Are”, about the experiences of the Black community of Boulder, Colorado, has turned a critical corner and we got here with your support!

We began with a goal: transform the local conversation on race in our liberal but not very inclusive community. After premiering earlier this year, we continued to screen the film in sold-out arts venues, church sanctuaries, school gymnasiums and government/professional staff trainings. We got to see how the film resonated with viewers nationwide, and internationally, who see Boulder as a mirror for where they live. The film has played at 30 festivals – and counting – from Kentucky to Kenya, Colorado to Cannes, and won 11 awards, from Toronto to LA, Baltimore to Berlin. We’re thrilled by this reception.

Now we’re embarking on Phase Two of our outreach work. We will use this momentum to reach more audiences around the world to increase social engagement and help create more welcoming and equitable communities.

This phase will involve various initiatives including:

● Community screenings

● Development of educational resources

● PBS Broadcasts with availability on over 300 stations

As a valued member of our journey, we would like to invite you to a private streaming event available only through December 31, 2022. There is a nominal ticket fee that goes directly to the film’s outreach & impact campaign. This is an invitation-only event where you will get a chance to see “This is [Not] Who We Are” before it is released to the general public.

To access the Eventive platform, click here.

Lastly, if you would like to be involved in this next phase, we are looking for support in these ways:

● Underwriting for the Colorado and national PBS broadcasts

● Recommendations of any conferences, groups, congregations, government agencies, or schools who might host a screening of the film

Message us at for more information and/or if you are able to contribute to the outreach & impact campaign. You can also write to us using Wixmail on our website.

Thanks for your ongoing support of “This is [Not] Who We Are.”


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