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Dr. Reiland Rabaka [Professor, Department of Ethnic Studies at CU Boulder] is an invaluable voice in this documentary!

Logan Rae Gomez

Doctoral Student,
University of Colorado Boulder

Historical image of African American history in Boulder Colorado for This is Not Who We Are Documentary. 13 people of different generations pose around a table.

You've chosen wonderful pictures... WONDERFUL image of the flooding and the resident telling us about why black people were placed there. 

Summer Nettles

Colorado Multimedia Artist

Feels like it captures the experience of being Black in Boulder — not being seen or heard but constantly standing out. 

Ali Doumbia

Boulder Resident


It really makes a point without being heavy handed and off putting. Very educational, strong, and full of compassion.

Linda Roan

Founder, eCross Culture


Great piece of work.

Annett James
President, NAACP of Boulder County

I love this. The intercut body cam footage building with historical background and contemporary interviews is really affecting and shocking.

Elena McGrath

Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History, Union College


There's no safe place for African-Americans to be themselves

[in Boulder].

Thomas Windham, Ph.D.

50-year Boulder resident


We are at a turning point. Eradicating centuries of racism cannot happen overnight. We must make anti-racism and equity work primary goals if we are to build a vibrant community that can successfully overcome current and future challenges.

Nicole K. Speer

Institute of Cognitive Science, CU Boulder

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